Saturday, July 31, 2010

My kids are currently losing their marbles

Because UNCLE! BEN! is MOVING! here TODAY!

That's right. My little brother is moving to our town and is going to live less than a mile away from us, across from a park we often walk to, in fact. We went shopping today and bought him a couch because despite our plans to give him our couch, we never found one we liked enough to buy for ourselves. Ben, though, found a sweet couch today that makes into a queen size bed (perfect for when our other little brother comes to town), has storage compartments under the armrest cushions (perfect for remote control storage), and is able to be picked up tomorrow, meaning he can move it right into his new place, along with the queen size bed he scored. We went to Target where he stocked up on things like a Brita pitcher, a vacuum cleaner, and bathroom decor, meaning he's really only missing a TV, coffee table, bookshelf, and dresser. And as much as I would love to help him buy those things, tomorrow is supposed to be the first decent pool day we've had in a week. So. Yeah. My Ben will have an awesome time, I am sure, hauling shit from car and U-Haul to apartment-- I wouldn't want to interfere.

Hope to post some pictures of the pad tomorrow (I'd say bachelor pad, but it's not because he has an awesome girlfriend who will hopefully be here tomorrow, too)

Some sleeping hijinks lately:


  1. Anonymous10:20 PM

    it will be handy to have Ben there, I know the boys adore him and the feeling is mutual too...Bomma

  2. Aunts and uncles are so much fun! I love having my sister so close.

  3. Maybe having him closer will help with the Jamie withdrawal?

    I wish we had family closer, but no one lives closer than about 10 hours' drive...