Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dads Day Out - By H&J's Dad...Also, I am AWESOME

I have commandeered this blog...again...took the boys to the zoo today. Gave Sarah some time feel better...and clean...her free will not by any request...I don't want to sound unappreciative, but I also don't want to sound like I made that b*(#$ clean even though she was sick.

The zoo was awesome we had a great time. I don't think I've ever been to the zoo in the winter...fewer animals...bears hibernating. Biggest surprise was that the penguins and polar bears weren't around, what the hell, but the tigers and camels were out? That made no sense to me or Harry.

It was also empty which was great. The guys could run around (burn off a ton of energy...and calories) and have a zoo all to themselves, don't know why one needs a zoo to themselves, but I will certainly go back again this winter.

And here is me being Awesome!!!! Like, wicked-awesome!!!! I have been expecting an entire blog post from Sarah about my mad-scetchin' skills. But I guess I am just not F$#*ing cool enough for her readership...I digress and disagree.

AWESOME isn't it...


  1. Good job w/ the guest-blogging gig, Ben! That is a mighty impressive etch-a-sketch. I cannot imagine why Sarah hasn't featured that talent more prominently in her blog before.

  2. I, personally, am super impressed with the etch-a-sketch. I make some awesome squares and rectangles on them.

    We stinking LOVE the zoo and go in the winter too. Although, it makes Elisabeth sad when some of the animals are missing. And it made Evan super sad that the bears were hibernating. Evan likes bears. And the Bears.

  3. I admit you're awesome to clear out of the house to give your girl some chillaxing time...

    But I point and laugh at your Etch-a-Sketching. I will take. You. Down.


  4. Holy sh%# that IS awesome.

    Also, I could not tell the boys apart in their stroller until I inspected their knees. Harry's knees are bigger.

  5. you are indeed etch-a-sketch. Good job.

    oh, and thanks for anwsering my quesiton on whether the bears at teh zoo hibernate.

  6. You should totally pursue a career in cartography.

    Also, props to you for taking two kids to the zoo by yourself. You, know, somethings MOMS do all the time. haha.

  7. hahahahahahaha Amy-- love it

  8. I do love how dads think it is so amazing they did something when us moms do it regularly. But, then again, taking two preschoolers to the zoo when it is very cold outside is not easy...

    And I am very impressed with the etch-a-sketch work! I have a hard enough time just making decent steps!

  9. I am sorry if the title is misleading. I am not awesome for taking the kids to the zoo. Taking the kids places = simple task (insert evil laugh). Just about any jackass can plop the kids in a car and then a stroller. No problem there...In fact only took them to the zoo because it was easy. I openly admit that I can not handle taking them to jumping/climbing/ bouncy places (makes me all nervous and blotchy). Any way, I am awesome
    (and frankly quite handsome, completely unrelated though) because of my artistic Etch-a-sketch abilities. Apologies for any confusion.

  10. Jeez Ben, you are an awesome sketcher! How the F did you do that? I'm impressed. Also, the winter zoo idea is great. The pic of Jack in the stroller with his face all puffed out and Harry all happy is perrrrrfect. Nice job, Dad!