Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Even the wienermobile pisses me off

I mean seriously. I have to leave work and pick Harry up today, and I like to park on the street in the morning, and HOW MANY EFFING SPACES DOES THE EFFING WIENERMOBILE NEED TO OCCUPY???

Have you ever had one of those mornings where everything makes you angry?

I have had rage bells going off inside my head since my alarm tinkled at 5:18. Even a scalding shower and two back-to-back cups of near-boiling coffee didn't help me.

My bad mood was impervious even to the silly face.

Everything Ben or the kids said to me made me scream with rage (silently) before I could squeeze some serviceably nice words through my lips. I even went into my closet, shut the door, buried my face in my bathrobe and yelled "I'm trying to get dressed! I don't care where your wawa baba is! Aughhhh!"

The thing is, I work late on Monday and early, long, and late today, so I HAD to be nice to my family, whom I barely see at the beginning of the week. I don't want mom to be a stompy little ball of mostly absent rage. QUALITY TIME, PEOPLE is the mantra of the guilty, overtaxed WOHM, and it is my mantra, too.

I am, though, an open book. Every feeling I experience flickers on my face. I am no good at masking moods. But really, some things are better bottled. Who gets mad at the wienermobile?

Harry's all, WTF, man? Chill out, dude. It's cool. And he's probably right.

Okay, so let's think of things that don't fill me with rage right now...

The kids slept 12 hours in their own beds
Ben and I finally watched Sunday's Big Love last night, and it was awesome
I am wearing $7 ballet flats from Target, and I don't *think* they look like $7 shoes. But they might, actually.
I have a new Us Weekly and a new parenting magazine to read at the gym tonight

4 teeny little details-- it's a start, right?

Tell me, what are you NOT mad about today?


  1. I am not mad about a certain toddler finally eating good quantities of food! And a certain toddler is also not throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way!

  2. I love Harry's face. It totally looks like he's thinking, "Sheesh, mom's got a case of the grumps!"

    Today I am NOT mad about:
    *Julia actually being non crabby and sick at the same time. She's normally a horrible patient.
    *I still have brownies in the house. I need them.
    *I am starting a new book today. I heart to read.

  3. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I'm not angry about waking up this morning, although a friend called to ask about a MahJjong game before I was awake..but at my age just waking up makes me happy...Bomma (everything after opening my eyes makes me angry, but I pray for patience)

  4. Having the house to myself to organize and fuss over

    *Finally* finding the camera in this hell of boxes

    Gina's video for AWW. Totally cried

    Killing a spider all by myself, without even peeing my pants


    I like this game!

  5. Michelle M.12:31 PM

    I am not mad at my husband for re-arranging the bedroom furniture while I was away at work yesterday with no warning. Though, I must admit, I was initially mad. But then I realized his idea was actually better than mine. First time that has ever happened. :o)

  6. Inconsiderate parking in crowded places makes me crazy. Even if it is the Weinermobile.

    I'm not mad that my kids behaved like little humans today!

  7. I'm not mad that we had a baby shower at work for one of the nurses (which meant lunch and cake; however, not chocolate cake... why waste the calories?).

    What I want to know if if you watched "Pregnancy Pact"? What'd you think?

    And there is an article on msnbc.com today http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35071837/ns/health-more_health_news/?ns=health-more_health_news about teen pregnancy (hope that's the right link).

    What I find interesting is that waiting until marriage is a religious-based belief... and isn't there supposed to be a separation of state & church? If so, what's the problem with teaching condom use???

  8. Hey, so I read your post at work today you little ball of anger, and I was thinking that you should really have your call to action at the top of your post instead of the end. Perhaps a higher response rate if you asked people what didn't piss them off first. Just a thought. Happy to help even when not asked.

    Oh, I almost forgot (because your question was so low in your post) I am not mad that our kids are finally fever free.

  9. I hate those days. Yesterday was one of them here too...
    Today I'm not mad that hubby was able to stay home today. And that we went out to lunch, and had leftovers for dinner so I didn't have to cook.

  10. Tripod7:14 PM

    I'm watching the Real Housewives as read this post and now I am grumpier than Lewis Black! I 'd definitely be mad at the WienerMobile ! I suppose every piece of poison food could have a vehicle. " Look, kids, it's the Genetically Modified Corn Mobile!"

  11. I am not mad about the fact that Ethan asked for hugs a half dozen times today. The sneaky punk does it when he knows I'm pissed at something he's done (knock stuff over w/ the broom, chase the cats, throw blocks, etc).

    I am also incapable of hiding my feelings. Husband says I have no poker face and even my 3.5 year old knows it. Sigh

  12. I am not mad about:

    Mia saying tutu when pointing to her obviously large ball of tulle around her waste.

    finally posting Day 1 of my trip

    having a wonderful parent teacher conference concerning Bella

    enjoying a killer conversation (all 4 of us) at dinner tonight.

  13. I think the root of all your problems is that your alarm tinkling at 5:18 a.m.!!!! Oh my gosh are you kidding me??? How? How did you not walk up to the wienermobile and just start kicking it?

    Oh, wait. Then you would've ruined your $7 ballet flats.

    And then you'd have gotten REALLY mad!!


    I feel ya, Sarah! I am right there with ya!!

  14. Anonymous11:06 PM

    funny funny funny! The pics really make me laugh!