Saturday, January 02, 2010

2010: pretty chill so far

This year, we are celebrating every day. Luckily, these celebrations will no longer include confetti poppers because we popped them all.

And better looking familiy dinners! We had one. It looked cute.

Until Mr. Peepers ate his damn corn

zOMG. Harry and Jack look so much like their dad:

Jack is yawning in this picture, which reminds me of the picture we used on his birth announcement

But this picture? He is totally losing his shit because he DID NOT WANT to leave the bouncy house place we went to on NYD. We took them to jump themselves silly hoping for the elusive simul-nap, but those things never happen when we try to hard to make them happen, and we were hung over-ish and tired and had to get on the equipment and jump, too, because our kids are so little. Despite our presence, they still got knocked all to hell by 6 year-olds with giant feet who never learned how to take turns because they probably didn't go the the Little Gym and whose parents were relaxing and texting on the the benches that lined the room, and we left after only 45 minutes, and Jack WAS NOT HAPPY. In conclusion, I think we'll have his 2nd birthday party there.

We've been buying these little ice cream bon-bons from Trader Joe's because they are only 60 calories and are delicious, but the kids make a huge mess with them, and they are only the size of half dollars. Such an outsized mess for a minitreat.

Speaking of messes, oh my holy hell look at my room at the end of a typical afternoon. We were moments away from hearing the garage door open --FREEDOM! THE BACK UP HAS ARRIVED! I AM FREEE-- signaling Ben's arrival and dinner time, which was a good thing because there was nothing else left to destroy. Practically.

Usually, Harry is sitting on Jack when I discover them like this

Ahhh, naps. I hope to take more of them in the new year.


  1. Your new bedding is so pretty! And Harry looks so cozy.

    Wes is the master of the head all the way back tantrum like Jack in the bouncy house picture. He is like a Pez dispenser when he is mad.

  2. Tripod8:14 PM

    Harry is so sweet when he naps!

  3. Oh, I love nap time! And the mess - so understand it! Why do they have to pull everything out to get to one thing they want?

  4. Your house looks remarkably like've both got two boys in common...clearly they are the culprits!

  5. LMAO at the Mr. Peepers reference. I still think that was the funniest status ever.

    Bounce houses bring out the worst in everyone. We're having our second consecutive b-day party at Pump It Up this year, god help us all.