Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday! Woo-hoo!

Since I started my totally awesome weight loss adventure three weeks ago, I have lost 8 pounds, and I would be more excited about it if I hadn't lost 5 the first week, 1.5 the second week, and 1.5 the third week. I just wanted to pull a bigger number these past 2 weeks (to borrow a turn of phrase from the Biggest Loser).

BUT, I am 2 pounds away from my pre-Jack weight, which is cause for celebration. Only 14-and-a-half months post partum, which means my celebration will be limited to sugar-free fudgesicles because damn! It took me a long time to shed these pounds, and I am not going to screw it up. This week.

In wardrobe casualty news, the shorts I wore to Harry's birthday party are way too big. Can't wait to buy smaller ones, except that the smaller one are too small. Gaucho pants, where are you when I need you?

I am still finding it really hard to resist pigging out while I clean up dinner. Those half-eaten Milano cookies coated with catsup are just too tempting. Anybody have any tips for stopping the post-dinner scavenge? So far the 40-calorie fudgesicle is my best weapon, but it's hard to eat while wiping trays and sponging floors. Maybe I should start smoking again.
Harry and Jack were like totally excited about my shrinking thighs, so they engaged in a celebratory wrestling match:

Okay, so look at this:

and then remember this from last year:

Check out the hair pulling-- yikes

He's young, but he's scrappy

Then Jack bit Harry, and I had to put down the camera and, you know, parent. Such a drag.


Kim said...

You know it is really unhealthy to lose more than 1-2 pounds a week, right? I am currently debating if I want to drop the 5 pounds that would get me back to college graduation weight. But I'm not entirely willing to give up cookies and mochas with full fat milk. :) I think you look great now!!

Anonymous said...

your mother used to rough up little sister leslie, but at 10 months Les had 10 teeth and bit...roughing up stopped rather abruptly, but biting was a challenge for years,,,,Bomma

Sarah said...

Kim-- Yeah, I know. I just like to do things as efficiently as possible :) Also, mmmmmmm, mocha.

Corina at Down to Earth Mama said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I am terrible since I left the hospital after kids were born lighter than pre-pregnancy. Which means that extra 20 pounds I have no one to blame but myself. UGGGG!

Becca said...

Yay for weight loss!! I can't wait until Wesley is a little bigger and more able to defend himself.

AJU5's Mom said...

I am with you on the clothes thing - but going the opposite direction. It is a pain when you are between sizes!

Amy said...

You know what totally made me lose weight fast? Breastfeeding. So maybe you should become a wet nurse! That would not only be a great weight-loss tool, but hot damn, can you imagine the controversy it would create on your blog? National attention I tell you!

gina said...

Congrats Sarah. A loss is a loss no mater the amount. My biggest dieting suggestion is to either get the Hungry Girl book or subscribe to the daily e-mails at

There are sooooo many awesome recipes and all the calories and points are listed. She's really great at copying famous meals and desserts and making a low cal version. I highly, highly recommend it.

She also has a brand new book out called 200 under 200. Something like that, I haven't bought it yet.

Are you dieting with a certain plan? Weight Watchers etc?

Sarah said...

Gina-- I'm doing it's awesome!

Amy-- breastfeeding screwed me this time around. With Harry, the weight POURED off with no effort (I ate MORE, even). But with Jack, my metabolism ground to a halt.

sarah said...

For the love of God, woman, tell me what you are doing!!! I haven't lost 8 pounds in 3 years, never mind 3 weeks!

Sarah said...

Sarah-- I am freaking hungry 24/7 and eating the 1200-1550 calories Sparkpeople says I can. I'm SO HUNGRY.

tripod said...

You are doing so well! Just don't get too skinny!