Thursday, July 09, 2009

Baby Number 3

No, no, no-- I am sooooo not pregnant. That was one of our New Year's resolutions--no making or having babies in 2009. Also, I just got a fabulous job, and I really think if I had ANOTHER kid, my coworkers would be all, "WTF ever, Octomom." And we are seriously out of room in this house. Not to mention, I am on a diet, and I have lost 9 pounds!

But other than that, we might actually maybe someday want to have baby number 3. This is a shocking development in or lives because Ben has been adamantly no-baby for a long time, and when Jack was zitty, colicky, mess, I thought he was probably going to be baby number last. And he still might be. Lest we forget this ridiculousness. But, he might be the neglected middle child someday instead of the adored baby.

The thing is, Jack is an absolute delight. 23 pounds of solid toddling, drooling, smiling, kissing delight with the fattest little foot slabs you've ever seen (so fat that his Keens were 2 sizes too small, something we discovered when they kept pooping off his feet, and we had to make an emergency Des Moines mall stop for some flipper-like Nikes). It's hard to imagine that this will be our last encounter with a toddler, you now? Also, Ben, Harry, and Jack all like rides, and I don't. We need another person for Disney World ride purposes (4 to a car and all), and I can stand there holding everybody's crap and taking pictures.

These are not good reasons for or against, huh?

But babies are so cute!

When they drink beer!

When Harry was Jack's age-ish, we conceived Jack because the bay fever! It was eating me up. I NEEDED more baby. This time, I'd LIKE more baby, but I am resisting. It makes me wonder, is this a biological imperative to reproduce or just hegemonic notions of family, motherhood, and the American dream intruding on my consciousness? Intruding is the wrong word. Hegemonic notions ARE my consciousness, right? I mean, that's what makes hegemony so, uh, hegemonic. To separate the biological and the social is impossible because we must speak of the biological, and language robs the body of its, um, I don't know, objectivity? (Whatev. Read Thomas Laqueur's Making Sex-- he explains it better than I do).

All I know is this: I went to the car dealership to get a new tire today and ended up checking out vehicles that can fit 3 car seats.


  1. I was squarely in done done done territory for months and now Wesley is dropping feeds left and right and suddenly the imaginary third kid has a name already! I think it must be partly biology.

  2. Tripod7:20 PM

    Man! How is it possible for a kid to look that much like his dad? He's like a little clone! Luckily, they are cute!

  3. So after you see me at BlogHer, you will either run home and procreate right then because being pregnant with No. 3 is so much fun! Or you will run home and schedule a vasectomy immediately because being pregnant with No. 3 is so scary!

  4. LOL--there is a teeny tiny part of me that hopes all this fertility stuff gets me knocked up with twins. Shhhhh.