Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How about a SOHM? Could I be that?

The good news is I have lost 10 pounds! 10 pounds! I now weigh the same as I did the day I got pregnant with Jack. (15 months after his birth, blurgh). The bad news is that something in fat-free dairy products KILLS my stomach, and I have had 2 bottles of maximum strength Mylanta in the past week. Also had to give up fat-free cheese and all Skinny Cow products (which sucks because I had a 150-calorie grilled cheese sandwich today that was fantastic). Sour stomach is the WORST.

At first, I found it really hard to stay within my allotted calorie budget, and after dinner, I could only have like three 4-inch celery strips and a shot glass of wine. But lately, I've been eating a 270 calorie breakfast, a 225 calorie lunch, and about 300 calories in snacks. Then, I have 180 calories for dinner by ONLY eating a few ounces of grilled chicken or fish, a tossed salad, and steamed veggies. After the kids go to bed, I can have wine, a V8 bloody mary, light beer, or even some chocolate. All for 1200-1500 calories. YUM.

The other not good news? Today. Ugh. Our fabulous and wonderful babysitter had to cancel today (not her fault at all-- just sucky) and Ben had a meeting right before my class and on the other side of town, leaving us with an awkward amount of time where both of us HAD to be at work. Thankfully, I had a library session today for my class with an academic librarian who I called and to whom I explained my potential lateness. Ben got to campus 5 minutes before my class started, and I wasn't late after all. But still-- it was the kind of stress that makes me want to stay home full time. If only I weren't so impatient.

I brought Harry and Jack to the student union for lunch at a cafeteria-- I thought they would like picking out their food. And they did-- although Jack cried from the moment he selected a greasy piece of cheese pizza until he had said pizza in his fat little face, and Harry filled his tray with Cheetos, cupcakes, and a banana. MOTY. Again.


  1. Wesley LOVES pizza! We haven't really found anything he won't eat. Except non-pureed vegetables. I'm MOTY too!

  2. Anonymous1:02 PM

    give those boys a hug from Bomma and touch Jack's head like he touches mine.

  3. At least Harry chose one healthy thing!