Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still broken. Still funny.*

Ben is at the plastic surgeon no doubt ogling giant fake boobs in the waiting room and hoping against hope that someone is there for her post-op check up and will give him a feel or a peep.

I am on my way to class, where we are going to have a scintillating conversation about this blog post about abortion and national health care. Feel free to comment in my comments about the issue if you read it and have thoughts.

Also on tap for today's discussion? OctoMom. I love my job, and I love talking about these things with really smart kids.

How creepy is this picture, by the way? Also, if you click it and embiggen, you may notice that Ben's nose is a teen, weeny, little, itty bit crooked. That's because he's broken it like 3 other times (once since we've been married in a slightly too-rough version of bone ball, once as a kid playing basketball, and once in gym class when he got smashed with a badminton racket), but last night's face kick? Really knocked it off center.

Something else you will notice? That creepy street performer gave my kid his creepy street performing gun.

* you know who doesn't think this whole thing is funny? our moms. sweet, huh?


  1. your waiting room banter is hysterical sarah.

  2. Tripod1:27 PM

    Is "embiggen" a new word?

  3. I skim-read the article. As you probably know already, I am pro-life/anti-abortion. But, I am also anti-national health care (or at least as it is being proposed). I think the main reason to leave abortion out is to not alienate the conservatives who are already on the fence or against the health care bill. But, I don't think it will work! (I would vote for national catastrophic health care coverage, but not before standard coverage. I know that severe or chronic illnesses cost a lot and make it hard to get coverage - so I have no problem with the government helping there. But, I don't think they need to be in the basic health care business. It is just too much of a slippery slope of what they will be controlling!)

  4. In regards to your moral health care abortion coverage blog, it seems as if the individual posting the blog wants to build Rome in a day. Is she right? Yes, as abortion is a surgical procedure, it should be covered under a national health care plan. However, when talking about millions upon millions of people without health care, should we be considering the attachment of an abortion clause that could keep the Republican party from supporting the bill, which they are already disinclined to support? In my estimation, like issues of Gay Marriage/Spousal Rights, some things are simply going to take time. As Rome was not built in a day, neither shall a perfect Health care system be conceptualized. As far as moral relativism is concerned, no, we shouldn't insinuate that those who choose to have an abortion are moral or immoral, and these questions shouldn't be considered when posing a bill for a multi-belief nation, but since when don't Americans impose their views on one another? As a person who shares beliefs with feminist ideals, I have to say that the universal treatment of Cancer, AIDS, heart attacks, and illness should be at the top of the health care system concerns, because the diseases are universal to all races, religions, and sexes that reside in the US. Let's get a system in place and modify it later. Abortion and Penis drugs should take the back seat...for now...Just my thoughts...I could be wrong...

  5. It is still funny!

    I agree with CJ... while ideally it would be covered as part of the universal health care plan, I think the most important thing that will improve the lives of the most people would be to get a plan covering preventative care, major illnesses and accidental injuries, and birth control off the ground as quickly as possible. This issue is so divisive that it has the potential to slow this important process down for years.

    Morally, I believe a woman's legal right to have an abortion is all that is needed to justify covering it in the plan. Control over our own bodies is a basic human right. Our law-making system is designed to protect the rights of the many without undue influence from the religious beliefs of the few. My personal views on abortion--what I would choose for myself--have no bearing on what I feel should be legally accessable for all.

  6. Thanks for the deep thought, guys!!

    We had a good discussion in class, raising some of these exact same points. Love the variety of opinions on this issue.

    I am torn pragmatically b/c I really want healthcare to pass, but I don't think leaving off abortion is really going to help that. And I am so liberal I'm a commie, so of course, I support socialized medicine AND abortion.

    Also, embiggen is from the Simpsons, I think.

  7. since the abortion and health care discussion has been had (liberal commie here, too), I want to know how the OctoMom discussion went!!!

  8. oh, and sorry about Ben's nose, but how funny is the whole Harry-as-Ben asking for wine?! Love it.