Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kid Pics. Lots. Good ones.

We stayed with my parents this weekend because Ben went to St. Louis with his friend Eric for debauchery and baseball. I have a totally scintillating week of posts and pictures about it, so get excited. Most people are trying to make their blogs like super awesome this week so that when they meet people at BlogHer who will be clicking on their blogs for the first time, their blogs look super awesome and, like, interesting. Not me.

The other night, my dad and I took the kids to the park (and my brother Ben met us there right after we almost killed Jack by sending him down a covered twisty slide he was wayyyyyy to small for-- he bashed his forehead like 6 times as he tumbled down the tube-- and then lost Harry for a couple of minutes). My dad has a fancy camera, so he took some really great pictures. Wanna see?
Harry WOULD.NOT.WALK from the car to the playground

Jack before the goose egg and the fall that temporarily destroyed his balance. Oops.

Harry had a really sweaty and excellent time

Jack still loved slides after his ordeal.

His love of my sunglasses has been well documented, but I couldn't resist

Lots of geese live around the lagoon, and Harry COULD.NOT.STOP walking in goose crap. So Ben had to carry him. Moments before these pictures, Harry dropped a blue snow cone on Ben's head.

Baby jail

Harry played with this little 6-year-old girl for quite some time. He was listening so intently to her. Turns out he was listening to her say the word "butthole" which might be the funniest and most versatile word he's ever heard. Classy.


  1. What awesome pictures. I love the pics of you and Jack going down the slide. And btw--you look so beautiful Sarah!

  2. Anonymous10:02 PM

    thanks for the new pics, you all look wonderful of course, poor little Jackie, the biter...Bomma

  3. These are some awesome pictures. I caught a peak of your dad's camera at harry's birthday and was way jealous!

  4. Poor Jack and the slide! I am glad he isn't afraid of them though. And I really wonder what kind of conversation Harry was having with that older girl!

  5. Those are totally excellent and you and your boys are totally cute!

  6. Cathleen3:12 PM

    Of course Harry learned the word "butthole" in Pekin! Great pics.

  7. holycrap--I hadn't even thought of making my blog all purty for new readers from BlogHer. oopsie.

    I love that pic of you and Jack at the bottom of the slide. So sweet!!