Friday, January 04, 2008

Room Makeover Stage 1

As you may have gathered from all of my excessive holiday posts, Harry was good this year and we needed some place to store all the evidence. Voila! The toy room was born. All we did was move my boxes and boxes of files to the basement (and I file like a crazy person, by the way. A completely nonsensical and insane filing system. We may as well have thrown the files out because I will never be able to find anything in there-- unless I can somehow channel the brand of crazy I was feeling when I crammed those folders full of documents and shoved them in willy nilly plastic tubs only to have rhetoric journals rub shoulders with 1999's tax return and a receipt for Michael Stars t-shirts I bought 6 years ago when I was really into that-- and those things have shoulders?). Also, we got rid of things like floor samples and trash.

So now it looks like this only not so blurry

And this

Although most of the toys are not jumbled up like that sad corner-- they are in cute bins like these that Harry can drag into his room. Or just dump over in the closet. Whatev.

Which gives him room to eat his basketball hoop.

And play with his hamburger Helper hands on his new bed (actually, those are mine-- they're awesome for drying dishes-- Harry stole them from the laundry pile).

He has yet to sleep in this bed. He doesn't believe us when we tell him it's a bed. He laughs and says "No," in the same tone he uses when we tell him his boot is a mitten, a banana is a phone, or a tupperware container is a hat.

Also, we're going to paint the room-- we have to, see, because we spackled a bunch of holes in the wall and then realized that we didn't have anymore paint. We always do stupid crap like that. What color, you ask? Blue probably. Sigh. Nothing like painting a blue room blue. And bedding-- can't find any I like-- any suggestions?

We'll keep you posted on the redo-- we're taking a small break because we can all live with spackle dots and we need new art.


  1. Toy closet looks like so much fun!! Charlie would go in there and never come out. What a great idea. I love the firetruck bed!

  2. Where can I get me some of those Hamburger Helper hands?! Those are a riot!