Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sledding WITH a sled

Finally, right?

I worked ALL DAY on Saturday (poor me-- a whole day of work-- so not fair), and Ben took Harry sledding because yes, we sure did get more snow.

I would pretend like this post had a point other than to show you these funny pictures of Harry looking all sorts of crabby while he sleds, but it doesn't. So, here ya go:

Oh yeah-- he asks to wear "no pants" and "boops" everyday, so I imagine he was beyond excited to put these on.

Oh my! Our never photographed laundry room.

Love how Oompa-loompa-y he is in these clothes

He was wearing thumbless mimmens, so he had to go in early because he kept taking them off because people he is not a monkey, and his hands got too cold, poor kid.

Also because he totally bit it on the driveway. This picture warms my heart in ways you cannot imagine because it proves that I am not the only one of Harry's parents who will photograph first and help second.

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  1. Oh gosh, HILARIOUS! How can he move his arms enough to get his mittens off? I love the tiny snow pants!