Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A couple weeks ago

We went to see my parents-- which is why were were so totally stuck on the road for 9 freaking hours. Anyway, my dad's aunt passed away in November in Arizona, and he family came back to Pekin in January to bury her ashes near her husband and have a memorial service

Now I know that funerals are never a rocking good time, but this one was so nice. I guess that's what happens when you have a month to pan a memorial instead of a weekend or a couple of days. It made me think of this play that Ben and I did for duo in college (how lame do I sound when I say that, by the way). It was called _Cakewalk_ and was about Lillian Helman. I was Lillian, and I remember my first line was something like "When I die, I want a big jazz funeral," and the character talked a bit about how she wanted people to celebrate when she was dead. Well, this funeral wasn't jazzy at all, but it was a very sweet celebration of a life. Many of the granddaughters had a reading or a song, and all of the women wore red shoes with their funeral black, which was adorable because Aunt Marge always loved red shoes. Afterwards, everyone came over to my parents' house and sat around drinking wine and looking at boxes of old family photos, which was also a very sweet celebration.

Harry had a good time with his grandma and his Great Aunt Ginny
He also enjoyed wearing his Uncle Ben's tie while riding his bipe

So much so that he wanted Ben and me to share the experience

Then he hung out inside this plastic tub for awhile. Safe, huh?

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  1. Sounds like a nice tribute. Love Harry in a tie!