Saturday, January 26, 2008

Little Gym

As you could probably tell from the preivious posts, this week was the end of Harry's second Little Gym semester. I'm actually going to miss seeing all the preshus little babies in his class, but don't worry, we start our new semester next week, featuring a new cast of preshus babies.

Little Gym has undoubtedly been good for Harry and for me-- we met his BFF Josephine after all. Harry can do a forward roll by himself, and he is much better at listening to directions. At the beginning of the semester, he didn't want to stay on the Big Red! Mat! for warm ups, but now he walks around in a zombie baby circle like a pro. He also really good at prepositions-- he knows on, off, over, under, up, down, in, out (wait, are those prepositions?) because of the parachute and the damn air track (tract?).

BUT, I am really getting sick of it. I can only sing Hawaiian Rainbow so many times a month, people. I do not enjoy bouncing on the vaulting station, and every week it breaks my heart when Harry is the first kid in line for stamps with his little fists and hands sticking out saying "Bamp," and he's not stamped first. No, I don't know why he has to wait, but it makes me sad. Maybe his teacher knows I am not vaulting with all my heart.

I wish there were better activities for an almost 2 y/o, but I haven't found any. When he's 2, though, we have so many options! He can take swim lessons without a parent in the water! There's an art class at a cute little cafe that we can't wait to enroll in, and the same cafe offers baking classes, which also sound adorable. We're also going to check out a Music Together class that I can take Harry and McLovin to. I think, though, that this is it for us and Little Gym. Well, June is it, that is. Surely I have one more semester of pounding on the mat and singing the good bye song in me, right?

Something was so funny

Sometimes, he wants to be under when he's supposed to be on

Seriously, how cute is Josephine? Can we talk about her jeans, people? They're True Religion. Love it.

Finally! Under! Can I just tell you, in the interest of full disclosure, it doesn't always SMELL awesome under the parachute.

We got Harry's every move from every angle on every medium

2 Balls!

"What are you doing after class? Want to hang out at the coffee shop across the street? Maybe grab a bup and a muffie?"

Harry and Jo getting their medals, which Harry still refuses to take off and calls a necklace.

In his necklace after a trip t the coffee shop, where he ate about a quart of blackberries and a gourmet chcolate egg he stole fromy my bag (and unwrapped like a pro).


  1. I know what you mean. Some days I love it, some days I'm just not feeling it. But Charlie loves it and it satisfies his need to climb. For like thirty minutes.

  2. Anonymous8:11 PM

    That breaks my heart about the bamp, too. I hope Harry doesn't feel bad about it. Some teachers are kind of bullies, you know. He is so cute and he likes it so much!