Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What He's Got Cookin'

It's always funny for me to clean up Harry's kitchen as I am cleaning up my own kitchen because he cooks some weird stuff.

Like this, a house specialty that features a banana, a fork, and a bottle of ketchup. The other ingredients change on the whim of the chef.

A peak inside Harry's refrigerator.

And his oven.

I am not sure how the Word Whammer is affecting Harry's language skills, but I know it's helping mine. You really have to think outside the box to come up with profane 3-letter words, none of which is featured here because this is a PG blog for fuck's sake, and I want you to use your imaginations and come up with your best 3-letter unmentionable. And maybe mention it to me. And the Designed to Sell people would so hate this fridge decor. But that's okay because with this market? We'll NEVER be able to sell anyway.

Here's the truck under the table.

Which always holds a stick of butter and a teeny measuring cup, natch


  1. Anonymous5:47 PM

    what a wonderful "catch-up" on the blog...I loved every picture and comment...Jack says he knew Harry would be smart....Bomma

  2. Anonymous8:30 PM

    That is so amazing! Harry's fridge looks exactly like that of his maternal grandmother! Do you think it's a genetic trait?