Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Today: Ugh

 I mean. Nothing was wrong with today. And I am pretty into this bowl of kettle corn that Ben and I are snarfing down right now. Also, I got some pajama pants that I am basically in love with. And instead of going to campus tomorrow, I got a room at the library and I cannot even wait for a few hours of total quiet. BUT. GAH. THIS DAY.

Minnie took a FORTY MINUTE NAP and she usually sleeps for two hours. Also, I had TA interviews scheduled for every minute of those 2 hours. But instead I had a baby in the background which was stressful. I got ZERO prep work done because I had a billion emails (conservative estimate) and every time I thought I could start working on my summer class, I’d hear that chime announcing an email. SO then I closed my email to work on the course, and this actually did work for a few minutes. But then! I had a question that I needed to email someone about and my inbox was a mess, and you get the idea.

Also! I changed sheets today and that is such a pain. Like, I hate it. I have thought about spreading it out and doing like a bed a day but THERE ARE SEVEN BEDS, so that’s a non-starter. Maybe I will do me, Ben, and Minnie one day and then the 4 basement kids another day. People have changing bedding needs around here, and suddenly Dorothy and Cooper both want top sheets, blankets and TWO COMFORTERS. But I don’t have back up blankets, so everything was delayed while I washed blankets. I haven’t been washing their comforters on the regular because there are so many layers between their bodies and their quilts. I ordered 2 more blankets today, so next time it’ll be easier? BUT. Harry also uses two comforters and NO TOP SHEET. He also lounges on his bed in his street clothes— as does Jack— even though I have asked them not to. This means that I wash their quilts every week, too. Jack has a back up one, so it’s NBD. Harry doesn’t, so I end up washing both of his every time. I need 2 more for his bed I guess, but 6 comforters for one room? Seems excessive.  SHEET DAY IS A LOT OF LAUNDRY, is what I am saying.

Then, at lunch, Minnie and I walked slowly, slowly across the street to get Dorothy. It was raining, and I didn’t wear a coat even though it was like 46 and windy. I don’t think I realized how slowly we would walk, but Minnie put her boots on her own feet— the wrong feet— and wanted no help fixing them. Anyway, we were halfway across the school crosswalk IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET and I was just starting to fantasize about seeing Dorothy burst through the school door and maybe making some coffee to warm up after we picked our way back home when I saw something move out of the corner of my eyes. I turned my head to see what it was and said “Oh, hi, Beatrix,” because she was standing in the middle of the road just behind me looking happy to see us. I turned back toward Minnie who was also IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET and then realized what I just said and did a classic double take. Beatrix? Out of the house and in the street? What the what? Minnie was delighted to see Beatrix and waved both hands while saying “Hi Doggy! Hi!” I held Beatrix’s collar with one hand and Minnie with the other, and we all three sort of hobbled across the street and up the school sidewalk. Dorothy came flying out of the office door like I knew she would, and she, too, was completely delighted to see her bestie. Beatrix wanted to stay at school, though, so Dorothy handed me her umbrella (the kids all think I am an octopus) and ran home for the leash. We slowly, slowly, made our way home. Dorothy COULD NOT WWAIT for Cooper to come home so she could tell him all about our adventure. I resolved to make sure to shut the laundry room door when I leave the house. It was hilarious, really, and actually kind of delightful. BUT ONLY BECAUSE NO ONE GOT RUN OVER.

Same kid, different walk (this was a pre-breakfast walk that we didn’t really have time to take but did anyway)

The reason for here terrible nap, a 10-minute car snooze pots-Little Gym:


  1. I'm sorry for all of it...but it also gave me such a laugh this morning.
    The walk you "didn't have time to take" and the dog.
    Don't get me started on the sheets, though. I blogged about this recently and was pleasantly surprised how many people dislike changing sheets and how many, like me, won't dare tell the interwebs how infrequently they change sheets.
    Hope your hours in the library are relaxing and productive.
    Now I need to get to work! The house is blissfully empty right now and I'm nursing a tea and pretending like there is no work to be done. But there is. Time to tackle an inbox. Le sigh.

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Couldn't the teenagers change their own sheets?

  3. Beatrix in the street was the funniest visual! And I don't know why children assume that we're octopuses, but it seems to be a common misconception.

    You have incredibly high sheet standards, FWIW. I remember a friend growing up who slept in a sleeping bag on his bed and at the time I was aghast, but now I see his mother's logic... My kids get their sheets changed...sometimes? And I maybe wash quilts and comforters once a season. I thought we were normal but now I'm wondering if we might be living in filth?

    1. This is our schedule! My grandma very forcibly (lovingly?) lectured me that quilts and comforters should not be washed as often as sheets or they wouldn't last long. Since she was giving me ones my great-grandma had made me, I have faithfully listened. It's also why top sheets are so important! Like tank tops under sweaters!

  4. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Duvet covers from IKEA might speed some of the comforter laundry along, since you might be able to skip washing the comforter every week and wash just the duvet instead. Just a thought.