Friday, May 13, 2022

Happy Birthday to me!

 Today, I am 44, which, as I said the other day is SO FREAKING OLD. This year, I want to be better about self care, including exercise and eating like a grown up (as opposed to a giant toddler). But also stuff like making time to hang out with friends (something I have mostly abandoned) and using expensive skincare products because I AM SO FREAKING OLD.

Between the ages of our kids and the freaking pandemic, going out is really hard. We can’t really have a sitter because the older kids ARE sitters, but 5 kids left alone is kind of a shit show. So we just… don’    t go? We need to work on this as Minnie gets older.

 I am actually writing this the night before my bday, but this is how I think it is going to go:

Ice cream pie for breakfast (made by Jack—can’t wait)

To campus to give an exam and finish prepping my fall class (with fancy coffee and something for lunch, obvs)

Phone interviews with potential fall instructors


Baseball with Cooper, Jack, and Minnie (Cooper plays) while Ben and Dorothy watch Harry play tennis (note these events are in 2 entirely different cities in 2 entirely different directions).

Home for sushi and champagne after the kids go to bed

I gifted myself a 75 minute massage on Wednesday, otherwise I would do that, too.

I’m looking forward to it, if you really want to know.

Minnie discovering the sprinkler

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!
    Um, you're not old. My friend is going to her great-aunt's birthday party on Sunday. Her great aunt is 103. SHE gets to claim, "old."
    You, my internet friend, are in the prime of your life. And, assuredly, getting wiser with every passing day. I sometimes feel old, but mostly I enjoy the fact that I actually know more than younger-me knew. I have loads of insecurities and baggage but, mostly, I feel life gets better in so many ways with the perspective that comes over time.
    And you look awesome, no fancy skincare stuff required.
    Hope you enjoyed the special day. Sushi is my favourite way to celebrate any major occasion :)