Monday, May 09, 2022

Mother’s Day!

 What a lovely Sunday.

I had an awesome breakfast in (Ben’s) bed with my little shadow

The kids made me lovely cards (Jack’s was laminated) and got me sweet gifts.

(Dorothy is wearing a mask above because she woke up Saturday morning feeling sick and had a fever. I felt awful because we hung out with neighbors Friday night, and she played with her neighborhood friends. She rapid tested negative, but we took her for a PCR test first thing, and she spent the time before her results came back in her room watching TV and eating things brought in to her and playing dominoes of all things. She got a negative result around 10 Sunday morning (just a little over 24 hours— not bad) and was fever free by Saturday night anyway)

We watched Coop play some baseball (after dive— hence the swim parka)
Ben joined Costco and a hippie food co-op for me (plus my usual face mask and book of the month), so after I gave Planty a traumatic new home,

Jack and I went to Costco to buy some dumb stuff

Then it was time for Dorothy to play softball and Jack to ump while the rest of us spectated

And then, I mean, what could be left but champagne and cake?

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  1. Happy Mother's Day - the cake looks delicious.
    Sorry about the COVID scare; glad the PCR was negative and hope everyone is feeling much better soon <3