Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Middle Aged

 I keep realizing that I am turning 44 this week and feeling so surprised. I don’t feel 44, or what I thought 44 would feel like when I was actually young. MID FORTIES. Like, what?

I have exactly zero plans for my birthday besides proctoring a exam and watching the penultimate tennis match of the season. And I really hope that Harry and Jack have no plans because I love hanging out with them after the little kids go to bed— even though they invite me to eat like a teenage boy, and really? I DON’T HAVE THE METABOLISM.

Amazingly, I wore an APRON to take Harry to school yesterday. I was wearing one because I actually got dressed before doing kiddie breakfast and the morning scramble, so I threw on an apron to save my white t-shirt and then forgot all about it. NON STOP GLAMOUR.

BABY LEG SEASON, you guys!! My faaaaaaaavorite


  1. Baby legs = the best. And the baby cheeks. I still claim my 7-year old has "baby" cheeks and they're divine.

    Age is so relative. I sometimes feel like I'm in my 80s, to be honest. You look amazing and have a great family. Hope that gives you immense satisfaction! And, who doesn't want to proctor an exam on their birthday? I once had to deal with a family member having a colonoscopy on my birthday. Now that was quite the celebration - they were loopy the whole day from meds/moaned in agony on the couch. That was a memorable birthday but for the worst of reasons.

  2. Renee Padgen-Shelton7:55 PM

    Thanks for the reminder…I lost count for a minute. Happy 44 to us! (Not til the 27th for me)

  3. I swear I've seen a dress like that at Anthropologie this season, so you're good. You look great in the apron picture, in fact!