Thursday, May 05, 2022

Spring is springing


Homemade cookies after a long cookie drought AND an hour at the park after a similar park-less stretch.

Best ever.

It’s cold and dreary here right now, but the coming days are supposed to be warm and beautiful, and I can’t wait. Usually, I am hoping against hope that baseball gets rained out, but this spring, I just want the kids to play their games. Weird, right? Part of it is that the games must be made up eventually, and there’s no guarantee that later will be more convenient. But really? The kids are just fun to take to the ballpark. Even screamy Minnie.
Minnie, by the way, has a hard time leaving baseball. Here she is clinging to the grass while I try to pick her up:
I also want to document Ben coming straight from work to the baseball park. He’s a good dad.

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  1. I am basically living each day for the sunshine now. April (though it flew by) felt like it was just one long overcast-with-showers month.
    The upcoming forecast is mostly sunshine and warm(er) temperatures and I am so ready.