Sunday, May 08, 2022

All the babies.

Here I am in June of 2006, at the ripe old age of 28, pregnant with Harry. I went into labor with him just a few days after this picture was taken (THANK GOD because I could not get any bigger) even though he wasn’t due until July.
This is April 2008. I was 29 and about to have baby Jack, born 4 days before his due date and a little less than a month before I turned 30.

I did not plan to make it to the August 2011 wedding because my other 2 kids were born before they were expected, and I was SURE I would go into early labor with Coop. HE WAS 10 DAYS LATE. I was 33 and Very Tan. Also, we built this house for Cooper, and we had only lived here for like 2 months and LOOK HOW EMPTY THOSE SHELVES ARE.
Here I am just 2 months shy of 35, squeaking baby number 4 in juuuuuust under the elderly pregnancy wire. Note that my boots are screaming for help and that there’s not enough room for my legs and my socks. Also in this picture, please note tiny Jack and small Harry. They are darling. We were just days away from meeting our Dorothy.
42 and soooooooooo pregnant with Minnie.
Oh, if only we had started having kids a little earlier. Or! If only we squeezed a couple in between Dorothy and Minnie— think of all the babies.


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  1. This made me nostalgic for my own kiddos. I had kids early (and only 2), but pregnancy was tough, yet also beautiful. I do sometimes wish I had been a bit older as I think now I'd be able to appreciate the wonder of it all in a different way? Then again, maybe not. The timing was the right timing, I suppose and I'm done with 2 (for both practical reasons and also the fact I have underlying health issues that would complicate another pregnancy)...but yesterday at church seeing all the new babies around it did make me feel that familiar longing to just have a little baby to love on again. (Happy) Sigh.