Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Hello from the other side

 Some questions remain.

HOW DID MINNIE GET COVID? Is the big one. She goes to The Little Gym. She goes to library story time. She goes to Costco. She always wears a mask in all of these places.

HOW DID THE OTHER KIDS STAY WELL? We have tested everyone consistently. No one else is sick. WHAT the WHAT?

WHY DID I GET SO SICK, even though I am vaccinated and boosted?

Ben seems totally and completely fine. Neither Minnie nor I is as hungry as we used to be. Also, I have almost no interest in coffee or Wordle, two things that I used to love the very most. It’s also distressingly hard for me to focus on a book— reading with my eyes or just listening. I am so glad I used my time on campus to work the day Minnie got sick and I was stuck in an exam because I don’t have any motivation to do anything on a screen.  

I started working out again, but not first thing in the morning. I am sleeping so long that first thing in the morning doesn’t exist. Instead I just sort of wake up in the middle of the morning rush and YIKES. (I also fall asleep at the crack of 9pm, so my living hours are truncated in a way that precludes productivity).

Also I just sort of look terrible. Like, lank hair and a haggard face. I am working on it. Or at least thinking about working on it.

I bought some Birks and despite ordering the size I always get (and the same size as Cooper), they are HUGE. But I already wore them so ????

Dorothy, Cooper, and I ate fast food in a cloud of mosquitos last night before Jack’s chorus concert

STANDING ROOM ONLY, hashtag blessed.

It was actually so fun to be in a crowded middle school gym listening to terrible music again.


  1. Sorry things are still not feeling back to normal. Hope you feel better soon and I'm so glad the rest of the kiddos stayed well! Embrace the miracles when they happen!!

  2. I'm glad you guys have mostly made it through! Hoping in another week this will all be a memory and that you will all feel normal and healthy again. With some bonus immunity as a souvenir . . .

  3. Anonymous9:55 AM

    My guess would be that one or more of your older kids got Covid and were asympomatic, thereby unknowingly passing it on to the rest of you.