Monday, May 02, 2022

Baseball, 1SE, general complaining

 Minnie LOVES baseball.

LOOOOOOOVES it (and luckily NO FOUL BALLS came our way because she stuck her face in the fence the whole time.)
Except when she was running up and down the path looking dirty and determined
I am trying to remember to use the 1 Second Every Day app (easier said than done because it’s really glitchy with a giant photo library), and here’s April

Ugh, you guuuuuuys. I have so much work to do before the end of the semester/beginning of the fall. And! Since there will be 5 kids home all summer, I really need to do it like right now. Usually, by the time spring classes end, I have summer and fall prepped and ready to go. This is…not the case right now. This fifth baby. She’s the sweetest person I have ever met, but man has she thrown me off my game. I miss my early morning work hours. Here’s to slowly climbing back out of this hole, right??

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  1. Oh man! She is making me so nostalgic for growing up at the baseball fields! (and a tiny bit paranoid. We had the fear of God put in us for putting our fingers through the fence lest we lose them to a foul ball)

    Maybe a silver lining is that with the teenagers, you have sort of an extra partial adult or two in the house this summer too? Or fewer kids? I can't really decide what the situation will be in our house yet. Either he's going to be working and out of our hair or on house arrest and needing constant vigilance...