Monday, May 30, 2022


 Minnie loves the pool, which us good because the rest of us do, too. She loves it, though, with a passion I was not expecting. WE WENT DOWN THE WATER SLIDE 22 TIMES TODAY.

Here are Harry and Jack, ages 4 and 5, when we joined this pool TEN YEARS AGO.

And here they are now, a lifeguard and a front desk dude. WHAT.

We spent literally hundreds of dollars on crap food this weekend, but the kids— all 5– adored eating at the pool.

Coop hit a GRAND SLAM at baseball, and Coach Dad held try outs for his Little League district team

I spent most of my weekend at the top of the water slide

And all the big kids fell into the rhythm of our old pool days like winter never happened.

Hurry, summer! We’re ready for you.

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