Friday, May 06, 2022

Story Time

 Ohhhhh! Story time is back at my library! Apparently it has been back and is now after today on a break until mid June, but still! Minnie and I went today, and it made me realize that she needs more opportunities to meet other babies.

She basically stood at the back of the room like this the whole time:

I could hear her making animal noises under her mask during Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You See, but when I turned around to make eye contact with her, she shook her head and screamed at me.

Eventually, she went over to my purse and grabbed her purse so she could line up her Daniel Tiger family

Then she took off her mask, had a bottle, and played wit the egg shakers for the closing song.
She just needs more practice, I think. **worried face emoji**

Post story time book search:
And a snack:

We are already signed up for The Little Gym through summer, and I am going to search out more story times between now and June. Maybe I will add some parent/child swim lessons, too (our pool doesn’t; have them, and Minnie can’t do kid-only lessons there until she’s 3). Other suggestions?

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