Thursday, May 12, 2022

Baby’s first joke

 Oh, you know, just wandering around eating a bagel she found in the trash.

I am pretty sure she has outgrown this summer-weight blanket

You would think that Ariel is onscreen a lot during the movie A Little Mermaid… unless you watch it with a toddler who screams MERMAID when there’s no Ariel. Minnie is wicked into mermaids right now. She can say mermaid, and she also points to her chest and says Mimmie, which is as adorable as you might think. At Costco today she spied a 2-pack of princess nightgowns with both Ariel and Belle and them and lost her damn mind. “BELLE! MERMAID” she screamed to everyone who passed our cart. We bought them, obvi.

Also, I can’t stay out of Costco, and nothing I am buying is necessary. It’t a problem.

Yesterday, Minnie told her first joke. She loves the Raffi song “Banana Phone” and adores it when the banana phone rings for her. I was carrying her past the basket of bananas, and she said “Banana hi” and laughed and laughed and laughed. “Banana hi!” She’s a comedy genius.

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  1. Oh lord. I wish we had a Costco. We are ALL ABOUT ARIELLE over here.