Sunday, May 15, 2022


 My birthday started off exactly how I had planned.

 Better, even, because I got a really awesome gift from Ben, and the kids’ cards were so sweet, and I wore my favorite LOFT dress that I also wore on my birthday last year, and I had an excellent hair day.

I got to campus amid graduation parking and bought coffee and a morning bun for myself and tea for the TAs helping me with this really giant exam. I got to my classroom and set up my computer, so excited to have 3 quiet hours to finish prepping my fall semester. And then Ben texted to ask if I could call him. I said I couldn’t, so he mentioned that Minnie had a pediatrician appointment because she had a fever, but I should plan to get a pedicure anyway. I might just have to pick up Harry on my way home because he was dismissed early for tennis.

Then he mentioned that the fever was 103.

Then he texted this:

I couldn’t leave, and Ben had the Minnie situation under control

So I worked SO HARD AND SO FAST while the students in my room too their exams. And now my fall is totally prepped, and so is my summer, and I have zero work-related things to worry about for literal MONTHS. So, I mean, that was good. Also I stopped at my favorite bagel place on the way home because I only had time to eat a few bites of the morning bun.

But poor, sweet, sheltered little Minnie. HOW DOES THE BABY WHO GOES NOWHERE GET THE VID?

She’s SO SICK. She has a 103-104 fever that barely breaks (goes down to 101 or 102) even with alternating Tylenol and Motrin. She clearly feels terrible, but she’s with it— eating a little, drinking a little, nursing a TON, playing, blowing bubbles, etc. 

We are all just sort of waiting to get sick. It adds an element of suspense for sure to have a kid with an illness that might kill you! Also, I have a slightly runny nose, which, now that I think about it, Minnie did, too, the day before she spiked a fever. AWESOME. (Also, 4 of us are vaxxed AND boosted— Ben even has 4 shots because of his kidney situation— and Dorothy and Coop are vaxxed. I know that we will likely be just fine. But it’s still scary!

And I really need a pedicure.


  1. Oh no!
    I'm so sorry. Wishing everyone else the best of health and a speedy recovery for poor Minnie.

  2. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I'm so sorry. These latest variants are so contagious that even being more careful than before, a lot of people are still getting it. You kept it out of your house for a long time and that is impressive! FWIW, the one silver lining I felt about getting covid (which sucked, don't get me wrong) is that I am now a little less nervous about getting it. I hope Minnie feels better soon and the 'vid spares the rest of you!

  3. Gosh, I'm so sorry! Caring for a kid with Covid over at our place too, but looking at your pics is a reminder that caring for a toddler leaves you no possibility for physical distance. I hope Minnie feels better soon and that the rest of you are spared.

  4. So sorry! Hope she feels better soon and the rest of you stay healthy.