Monday, May 21, 2018

Weekend Idyll

Yoga.  I have done it everyday this month, but when does it get relaxing??
 Cooper, in his element during recess
 Would you believe that all of the kids in Cooper's class wanted to try on my glasses?
 Dorothy and I spontaneously painted pottery after school on Friday.
 Turns out, I am pretty bad at painting pottery.  But we both had fun.

 Oh!  Also! On Friday, Beatrix turned 4!

 We had a movie night double feature: Peter Rabbit
 Followed by Zombieland
 Saturday began with an almost disaster.
 And then Ben-- who is a department chair,which is awesome, went to graduation
 And the rest of us watched adorable kindy soccer
 And then some pretty cute baseball.
 On Saturday evening, I went to a super fun royal wedding party where we got caught up in champagne and sunshine (party started at 4:30 PM) and forgot all about the damn wedding.
 I came prepared (and also made one of these)
 So pretty!
 Then I came home to a perfect date night in.
 Sunday started strong with Twister upstairs
 and Beauty and the Beast downstairs
All of our kiddie sports events were rained out (OMFG SO AWESOME), and I got to get dressed up and go out for Madison Mom Blog photos and dinner-- it was a lovely little day with yard work, housework, and garden planning thrown in for fun.

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