Tuesday, May 29, 2018


 I was at Target stocking my pool bag, and I saw this swimsuit and imagined wearing it to the pool and laughed out loud for way too long to be LOLing by yourself at a store.
 Dorothy also took her pool preparation seriously.

 She was in her swimsuit and cover up by 7 am on Saturday.  The pool opened at 10.
 But I could hardly blame her because I was clearly excited, too.
 She decided to slide in the moment we burst through the doors at precisely 10 on the dot.
 Cooper and Jack just sort of jumped in.
 Harry was excited, but also chill
 Yay!  We're baaaaack!
 Just hanging around:

 Slide moms!
 Ben and Harry had a baseball game, but the kids and I stuck around until the late afternoon when we all went home to get ready for my second 40th birthday party, a wiffle ball party at the word's most adorable wiffle ball bar in the middle of nowhere.

 Despite a completely wicked hangover, I rolled my fat ass out of bed and into SHORTS (mom shorts/ JORTS) and accessories to go grocery shopping.  Something I am trying this summer!  I am going to get dressed in actual clothes every damn day every time I have to leave the house, even if it's just to go to swim lessons.  No More hot mess express for me.
 Something else we are trying!  Each kid gets $5 a week to spend at the pool snack bar, in an envelope with their name on it, refillable every Saturday.  They can also pack themselves snacks (the same junk the snack bar sells) of the want to save their cash or if they have spent it already.  No more bargaining with me at adult swim!  If they have cash, they can spend it. If they don't they're out of luck.  Let's see how it goes.
 She only has $1 left, by the way.
 Also, she's ALL GROWN UP.
 Baseball picnic!
 It was 91 degrees at 7 pm.  SO MISERABLE.
 Harry, though, os a good little catcher, even in the heat.
 Dorothy was cheering by saying, "Let's go, Somebody!"
 After baseball, in a move that should surprise NO ONE, we went back to the pool.

 Monday morning started out with crafts.
 And some dress up.
 And some more dress up.

 Curse you, glitter!
 Then, of course, we were right back at the pool
 I wore a rash guard because I am already sick of all of the sun screen.
 Jack.  Is.  Awesome.  (Also, I threw this ball and then took his pic-- I am awesome, too!)
 H dove so hard for a ball he ended up flipping.
 Harry totally looks like a labrador in this shot
 And he caught it, too!
So, I mean, basically, this is what I am going to do for the next, like, 99 days.

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  1. Dying to know how the $5 a week is working out!