Wednesday, May 02, 2018


To break the horror of April as academia's cruelest month,   I got together virtually with fantastic lady scholars from all over the world (for serious!) and did Skirtathon, where we wear a dress or a skirt (garment with a hole is the official definition) every weekday in April, take selfies, and post the pics in the best Facebook group on the planet.You might remember Skirtathon from this post, this one, and also this one.  Should we spend a minute and talk about how sad it is that I am still wearing the same cheap Target, Old navy, and H&M dresses this month that I was three years ago?  Gah.  Children are SO EXPENSIVE.

I should have 21 looks because there were 21 skirtable days, but I almost died from the stomach flu on one of them.  So, 20 looks.

Skirtathon is the best, and I will completely miss it until next April!!  When I swear to God I will have some different dress options and update my shoe wardrobe, my goodness**

** neither of these things will happen.

Day 1-5

Days 6-9

Days 10-14

Days 15-19

Day 20

Dorothy also did some skirting this month, and except for the zoo shot and the campus shot and the office bathroom shot, she directed all of my photo shoots (obvs).

Also!  Speaking of April!  Read my April Madison Moms Blog post RIGHT HERE.


  1. It’s fun to click back and see that you haven’t aged but sweet little Dorothy has!

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