Friday, May 11, 2018

On the Eve of my Fortieth Birthday: 40 for 40

Oh man.  It's the penultimate day of my 30s, and I am trying to be optimistic about it.  This birthday, though.  Yikes.  I mean, my neck only has like 3 good years left and then it's going to fall all to scraggly shit.  And my forehead.  Don't even get me started.

This is a really rhetorical birthday. Rhetoric is all about the possible, the act of becoming.  40, though, is the birthday when you realize that you're no longer living in probabilities or possibilities  You have to deal with what you have become and face the fact that this?  Is it.

I am going to make the best of what I have become, though, with a 40 for 40 (#40for40) bucket list.  So, here's my list:

1.  Get a pedicure with Dorothy
2.  Go to all of the museums in town
3.  Make 40 POTY podcasts
4.  Write 40 poems
5.  Keep my nails manicured
6.  Read 100 books by women
7.  Finish my novel
8.  Practice yoga everyday
9.  Take the kids fishing
10. Visit a national park
11. Visit 3 state parks
12.  Take the kids to a ball game at Miller Park
13.  Go skiing
14.  Grow lavender and mint
15.  Get massages
16.  Plan a Gamma Nu reunion
17. Buy 40 lottery tickets
18.  Try 40 new dinner recipes
19.  Make a book of my 40 favorite pics
20.  Make a playlist of my 40 favorite songs
21.  Write down my 40 favorite memories
22.  Do 40 random acts of kindness
24.  Drive to the east side of Madison by my damn self
25. Take Beatrix to a dog park
26. Fly a kite
27.  Make a sandcastle
28.  40 date nights-- with any/all family members
29.  40-ish after school adventures with Harry
30.  Bake 40-ish things with Jack
31.  Wear jeans and heels all fall
32.  40-ish writing dates with Cooper
33.  Write more in coffee shops
34.  Listen to new music everyday
35.  Run a 5K
36.  Watch all 2019 Oscar movies BEFORE the Oscars
37.  See 40 movies at the theater
38.  40 couch dates
39.  Read 40 new books with Dorothy
40.  Daily gratitude practice


  1. Like you, I DREADED my 40's, and I was pretty pissed when they came anyway. It took a while (maybe a couple of years?) but I stopped hating them and started loving them . . . Happy Birthday, and welcome to the ages-that-start-with-F Club!

  2. Happy birthday! That is an awesome list. I love love your blog.