Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Happy 40th to me

 We started my birthday weekend on Friday afternoon because why the hell not, right?  Ben had a meeting at UW-Whitewater, which is on the way to my parents' house, so the kids and I joined him.  We hung out in the student union while he was in his meeting, eating junk and bowling.

 Dorothy didn't want to bowl, so she played on her iPad even though I reminded her that she was staring down 3 more hours i the car when she would really only have her iPad for enjoyment, but she didn;t care at all and -- surprise, surprise-- got super bored.  TOLD YOU SO.
 One of these things is not like the other.
 He's a beast!

We stopped at a pizza joint in Pekin and then hit up my favorite ice cream place in the world, which is called Double D's, and Ben said he was going to get me double d's for his birthday, too, and it took me way too long to get the joke.
The next morning, my dad and I took the kids to Andy's my favorite diner ever.
 And then we went to the Illinois River, which hasn't changed.
 Still a beast.
 Ben and the kids ran some birthday party errands, and I hung out with my high school bestie.  We went to the only department store in town for THE LAST TIME EVER since the whole chain is closing.  I used to shop at that store with my dad's mom, and I really will be sad to see it go.
 Jon and Caleb flew in Saturday afternoon, and we went to lunch with my parents and to the Pekin Wal Mart, which is always a treat.  I wasn't sure if there'd be any cake leftover from the party-- or even if Ben planned a cake, even though I was pretty sure he did-- so  grabbed done for the kids to decorate.
 Which did not disappoint.
 It didn't disappoint her, either.
 My parents watched the kids, and Ben, Jon, Caleb and I headed to Peoria, for a party I knew basically nothing about except that it was happening at my favorite college restaurant/bar/coffee shop
One of our favorite friends from college flew in from Austin, which was awesome.
 THERE WERE BALLOONS and my favorite snacks from the restaurant.  Also waiter who brought me drinks every 4 minutes
 And a cake from the bakery we used for our wedding.
 Also my BFF since first grade!
 And amazing friends I used to hang out with every damn day in college but, of course, don't see on the regular anymore.
 This could have been any night of the week 20 years ago-- how amazing is that???
 So many candles!
 Serious candle work here
 It was wonderful.  ben kept telling me my party was going to be really fun but was also no big deal.  I thought he was trying to keep me in the dark about the deets, but it turns out that was a pretty accurate description.  People traveled to be there, which was touching, but the actual event was super chill.  Lots of drinks.  Sitting around and talking,  Cake, Cards Against Humanity.  A trip across the street to our favorite undergrad bar.  It was perfection.

 The next morning, I drank coffee like I was an internet troll.
 Pretty much.
 And then!  Wonderful kid-made mother's day gifts

 And also birthday presents galore!
I could not figure out my corsage pins, but even I am not too dumb for a rubber band:
 Before brunch we went to my favorite park to walk around and look at all the dead fish (!!!) and baby ducks and geese and, of course, take pictures.

 Then we had brunch at was used to be the country club we belonged to when I was a kid but is now a public golf course and restaurant that has CEMENTED OVER THE DAMN POOL and paved the tennis courts.  Here are the kids in what used to be the shallow end.
 The ride home was exhausting, obvs.
But do you know what was waiting for me when I got there?  More presents!  Sandwich delivery!  My favorite champagne!  AND ANOTHER CAKE!  And plus also, early bedtime fro 4 overtired kiddos.  What a weekend!

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  1. I loved and laughed over how many favorites you have in Pekin.

    It has to make your parents so happy and proud to watch their daughter opening Mother’s Day gifts from her four children. Such a beautiful moment