Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Things I Am Leaving in May

Design Home.  I deleted it for real this time. HA!

FOMO.  I am not going to lie, I felt very left out this weekend, and then I realized DUDE, you are FORTY.  GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER and live your life.  So, that's a new thing I am trying this month.  WISH ME LUCK.

(Also, seriously.  If you have tips for not feeling like a losey loser when you realize everyone is hanging out without you, SEND THEM MY WAY).

Not taking my vitamins.  I am FORTY.  I need vitamins. I am old enough to remember to take them-- but not so old that forgetting is acceptable.  Get.  It.  Together, self.

Eating an entire column of Oreos.  I need to stop one or two cookies short of the whole row.  Baby steps, as always.

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  1. Lisa R.9:42 AM

    I have the same issue when seeing friends hanging out and I'm just chilling at home....doing diamond dots (holy addicting) or knitting...before you ask, I'm 32 going on 72. I deleted Facebook for a bit because I realized it was SERIOUSLY harshing my 'mellow. Spoiler alert: I downloaded the app again. Because, social media.