Wednesday, May 09, 2018

State of the Kids

Can I just tell you that I am really excited about summer?

I mean, I am going into this summer as a realist, and  recognize that some parts of it are going to suck.  Like, for instance, my hair is too light (I think maybe my stylist might have left the color on too long), and I am like basically never going to be able to get my head wet or wash my hair again; NBD.  Also, there will be fighting.  And also, packing a pack of school lunches everyday is infinitely preferable to the amount of food I will be making ad serving al summer.  And!  One more thing!  I have a job and no childcare, as per usual.  But!  The kids!  Are fun and happy and wonderful most of the time.

Do you like Dorothy's tie?
Cooper, sadly, would not wear his to school, even though he wore is fanciest shirt and sweatpants for the kindergarten music show.

Also he started soccer and totally digs it.  Except when he thinks the other team is intimidatingly good and then he does not play.  AT ALL.
Dorothy has been letting her fashion freak flag fly lately which I always appreciate.
We've been doing fun stuff like getting ice cream anytime the temperature rises above 60 degrees.
And checking out new parks.

Mini golfing
More new parks
The video store, where Jack got the gum ball color of the week and scored a free rental.  That we forgot to return and paid like $8 for.  Erm.
Dorothy likes to carry my seven thousand pound purse for me.
BASEBALL HAS BEEN FREEZING.  But of course, we have been there en masse.
Dorothy uses games to practice her gymnastics skills for her tumbling show next month.
Her Trolls headband is in heavy rotation, and I for one am a huge fan.
Harry still wants to ride in the cart sometimes.  (And look at Cooper's face.  Could anymore make that face NOT be thinking of mischief?)

Me: Harry, why didn't you take a knee during the anthem?
Harry:  I am just a child.
Accessories are her favorite.
Jack and Cooper are trying out for their school talent show with a skit they have been writing. LOL for days.

Morning selfie:
Seriously, her fashion game you guys.
I am just so excited to not have to go anywhere or do anything this summer except to the pool for swim lessons.  I also signed Harry up for tennis.  But more than that?  I DON'T WANT TO DO IT.  I was looking forward to May being a little Maycation for me, but it's packed so full with kid crap that I have even less time to myself than usual, especially since Ben is not done with class, so he needs some/ a lot of the time I would normally spend at the office.  A little bah hmbuggy after all my anticipation of freedom.

We all know I am going to do my fair share of complaining about summer, but I really feel like I am going into it with realistic expectations.

Summer bucket list post coming soon...

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