Friday, May 25, 2018

The Wednesday of all of the things, plus a pretty freaking packed Thursday

I don;t know how it happened, but our Wednesdays have been brutally over-scheduled all year. Even way back in hockey season, we were riding the struggle bus on Wednesdays, and then, when hockey was over, we continued to have Wednesday FULL to the BRIM of kiddie activity and other work.

This week's was no different.

I had my normal housework (Wednesday I try to dust and vacuum all the bedrooms, dust and mop the main room, and bleach all the bathrooms for a mid-week pick-me-up.
 Also, Harry needed me to make brownies for his school's community dinner which-- OF COURSE-- fell on a Wednesday.
 I had to deal with the normal day's laundry situation.
 Do yoga and cardio
 (I didn't really HAVE to mask my face, but I usually do it on Wednesdays)
 I had a bunch of TAs to interview for my class in the fall
 This has nothing to do with how busy we are on Wednesdays, but the city finally came and took away the pile of branches that have been on our curb for literal weeks.
 And revealed this:
Mid-morning, I picked Dorothy up from school and got her cleaned up, fed, packed up, and changed for dance

I finished my daily word goal at dance class
 And then we got organized and changed for gymnastics, middle school community dinner, and track practice
 I dropped Dorothy off at gymnastics and took the boys for haircuts (did you know that Sports Clips does free ear and neck trims?  This has been key for Cooper, who looks better, I think, with slightly longer hair)

 Then we picked Dorothy up and went to Harry's adorable little school where he showed us a Power Point presentation he's been working on, and we fed the kids from the world's cutest potluck line in the outdoor classroom.

 That's the point in the evening when I abandoned Ben and the ids (Ben was fresh from work and swooped in just in time for the Power Point situation) and went to girls' night out which THANK GOD.
 ...But I came home to make more brownies for Cooper, who was kindergarten star of the day yesterday, pack lunches (including one for Ben), and prep my hipster coffee for Thursday morning.
 All ready for show-and-tell
 I took my damn self to the movies and was all alone in the heater, which was mildly creepy.  I am going to see 2 movies a month next school year, but I will only have a few ore days to squeeze in some solo shows before summer is upon me, so I am taking full advantage.
 After the movie, I went to Starbucks to meet my word goal.
 And then picked Dorothy up with lunch in the car (for her-- I am still doing intermittent fasting and find it is easier to be out of the house until my eating window opens) and took her to the splash park.

 These cookies really looked like they had potential, but they came out TOTALLY EFFING FLAT.
 And of course!  SO MUCH LAUNDRY

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