Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Getting ready for a ROAD TRIP

Oh man do I love road trips.  I love them so much that I have been joyfully prepping for WEEKS.  Spring break is my absolute favorite.  Remember when we went to Mount Rushmore?  And Gulf Shores?  And DC?  All of my favorite trips!  And this year!  We are going to Naples to see Ben's parents.  I can''t WAIT!!

But, I must.

Don't worry about the rash on his face-- already been to the ped-- it's dry skin.  What's notable about this pic is that his feet!  Have insteps!  And arches!  They are fat little foot blocks no more.

 You guys!  Did you even know you could still buy these in the 21st century?  Viva la Dells.
 OMG.  I love couch dates.
 My brother asked us to fish sit and I really hope he gets home before it dies.
 SPRRRRRING BRREAK! (I no longer give a shit about toxic sunscreen, BTW)
 Someone told me Culvers had $1 green shakes on St. Patty's so I stopped there on my way to pick Jack up from baseball try outs, but I was misinformed AND there was a line around the building, and I had already mentioned the shakes, so I had to buy them and something about the mint not being available in a mix and each one being handmade and ARGH.
 Me:  Dorothy, where do you want me to put your new dollhouse?
Dorothy: The middle of my room is just fine.
 Red Clocks:  SO GOOD.
 I FINALLY got last vacation in the frame moments before this one commences!!

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