Thursday, March 15, 2018

HBD, Dorothy!!

If you asked me, I would have SWORN that Dorothy just turned 4 like YESTERDAY.
But actually?  That picture is from LAST YEAR, you guys.  March 15, 2017.  A YEAR AGO
 Which can only mean on thing.  DOROTHY TALLULAH is FIVE YEARS OLD TODAY.



I looked back through our entire year, and found my favorite, oh, HUNDRED OR SO pictures for this post, and it would have been even better if they had uploaded in chronological order.  But.  So.  It's a mishmash. 

Above, she is with Ben in DC at the FDR memorial.

And below yu can see the kids at the National Zoo:
 A very grumpy little Halloween unicorn fairy princess
 The fam, ready for our spring break road trip:
 Hilton Head!!!
 First day of 4K.
 Grandpa Gary's 70th birthday party
 Waiting for the boys after school:
 Morning hijinks:
 Being fabulous as a birthday party:
 Showing her suburban mom style:
 The Little Gym, our very favorite place to do kid activities for over a decade.
 At an all-school trampoline park playdate:
 Dealing with puffy eyes like a boss:
 Clearly, she feels fabulous.
 Big enough to flip her own pancakes-- can you believe it??
 A Thanksgiving selfie:
 Best Christmas Tree EVER
 Road tripping, again.  We must have been headed to DC because Pooh Bear is clearly in attendance.
 Hockey spectating:
 Wishing hr great grandma a happy 90th birthday
Seeing Santa and LIKING him:
 She had some serious Christmas spirit this year
 Four was the year of story time-- we went almost every week to the library, just the two of us.   miss it so much,
 Four was the year of her first gingerbread house.
 First ugly sweater skating part.
 She was still a baby at 4, small enough to snuggle.
 Still so excited by bubbles.
 All the of kids were fairly annoyed I made them pose for a pic before tearing into their presents.
 Four was the year of her first dance costumes.
 Her first existential crisis thanks to this movie that made her contemplate her own mortality.
 Her fashion sense emerged.
 And her love of dolls (THANK GOODNESS)
 Dorothy at 4 was always confident, no matter the occasion.
 Always ready to wear a neck full of plastic beads.
 Up for ball park nachos, always.
 Also baking, especially new recipes.
 Happy to play in her own little room
 Always thrilled to go to preschool
 Never one to shy away from a photo opp
 Eager to get back on the sled, even though that;s how she broke her wrist.
 Able to dress herself for dance class AND reach her own top shelf.
 A big helper.
 Girl Jack
 Most importantly, ALWAYS ACCESSORIZED.
 Dorothy at 4 was happy
 And willing to humor all of my craft projects.
 She was sporty.
 And right there to say goodbye to her grandparents' house.
 4 year-old Dorothy was crowned by Ariel, a Super Big Deal.
 And she dressed like a mermaid for her hip hop dance routine.
 She LOVED being onstage
 And always practiced her steps

 Look at that energy!

 Take your kid to work day is her favorite, no matter how many times it happens each year.
 Pig tails!
 Oh, the pool.  I miss it, and looking through these pics reminded me it opens in 3 short months.
 4 ear-old Dorothy was ALWAYS fabulous.
 A sweet Dorothy/Henry moment.
 Stereotypical for sure, but Dorothy could shop all day.
 She got to be child of the week in 4K, which was a HUGE yearly highlight.

 I wouldn't be sad if 5 year-old Dorothy doesn't love the mud as much as 4 year-old Dorothy.
 But she can keep her love of puddles.
 Look at how tiny on the last day of school!
 4 year-old Dorothy evicted Cooper from his very own top bunk.
 And welcomed the return of no-shoe weather.
 She's also soooooo excited for spring break
 Such a sweet moment with her dad.  AND DOESN'T HE LOOK GREAT WITH SHORT HAIR?!
 4 year old Dorothy was quite the artist, another thing I hope 5 year-old Dorothy keeps.
Always running to catch up with the big kids.
 No words.
 You guys, remember the time Dorothy was 4 and SNOW CONE TRUCK came to our house?!  It was a big deal.
 Dorothy at 4 took a trip to the iconic (and now defunct) Ella's Deli
Where she was brave enough to ride the  up-and-down animal on the merry-go-round.
4-year-old Dorothy MET DANIEL TIGER

 And had a lot of time to kick back and be fab.
She also completed her summer reading program!!
You guys know I want another baby and my body is not cooperating. (Seriously, I think I am starting menopause.  My cycle is getting shorter every month).  But it's hard to be sad about Dorothy getting bigger because she gets more fun and awesome everyday.

Buh-bye 4.  You were amazing, but we are all excited for what the future holds.


  1. I cannot believe she is 5. I have been reading your blog since Jack was a toddler. She is adorable and my own baby is going to be 5 in July. 4 is a hard year to say goodbye to, seriously one of my favorite years with all 4 of my kids.

  2. So many wonderful pictures! I think my favorite is her first day 4K: adorable outfit, sunkissed hair, and a face of pure joy.
    Other thoughts: Ben looks great with short hair, Dorothy has three amazing brothers, where’s Beatrix!?!