Tuesday, March 13, 2018

HBD, Ben!!

Cooper's teacher sent this, and it so reminded me of why kindergarteners are the best things in the universe.
 Ben is pretty awesome at using disgusting fruit to make kid-pleasing smoothies.
 The secret is sherbet.
 And an amazing sweat band.
Coper loves to have big kid homework
 But don't worry.  He still sits like a baby.
 And also plays dominoes.
 We are like a birthday CREW around here.
We picked up party supplies for Ben's party and ordered cakes for Jack's and Dorothy's. We also found favors for Dorothy to take to class for her school birthday and got stuff to make her and ben's home cakes.  PHEW!  It's a big week

Happy 39th to this guy!  He doesn't look a day over 46, huh?

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