Monday, March 12, 2018

Ben's Bday Party

My Facebook memories assure me that we have been celebrating Ben's birthday in the exact same way for like 3 years.  But next year?  When he turns 40?  We have GOT to remember NOT to celebrate the day before we spring forward because DAMN.  I coped with a hangover and a missing hour of sleep by taking the kids out to my favorite greasy spoon for plate-sized pancakes and sausage. Then we went to our favorite hole-in-the-wall for lunch (including an app of fried green beans), and now I plan to drink a vodka and soda and go face down in a Costco pizza.  TODAY WAS A CHEAT DAY.  I ate waaaaaay outside my 8-hour window, AND the only fruit I had was jelly beans.

LAST TIME WE ARE BOTH IN OUR 30s and celebrating one of our bdays.  WHAT?!
 My friend made these-- adorbs!
 Hy-Vee made the best cake ever (82 because they are 82 combined)
 My bun was insane and kept coming unpinned and you could see the hair donut underneath.  Classy.
 Ben got a radar gun to use when he coaches baseball
 And this best shirt ever.

 The cake had huge dice.  They have been endlessly entertaining.  The kids did math with them all through lunch (addition for Dorothy, subtraction for Cooper, multiplication for Jack, and division for Harry).

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