Friday, March 02, 2018

18 in 2018 February: NAILED IT or FAILED IT

1. Blog everyday:  Nailed it!
2. No FB 9-5 M-F: Failed it!  In fact, I am not sure this is even a goal I WANT to keep.  But!  I feel like it's a goal I SHOULD keep.  Also, what if I have just replaced FB with an Insta addiction?  Also!  Tuesday!  I did a Tuesday takeover for Madison Moms Blog's Insta-- check it out.  (I should have told you sooner because I did like a million stupid Insta Stories)
3.  Read 100 books: Nailed it! Another big month, guys. I am up to 39 for the year.
4.  Read Poetry: Nailed it! SO much!
5.  Table Setting: Nailed it! Both Valentines AND Galentines day!!  Yay!
6.  Book plot/writing: SORT of nailed it/ A LITTLE BIT failed it.
7.  Print Pics: Nailed it!  Buuuuuut I printed way more than 10.  Next month, I will edit more judiciously.  Also!  I have definitely lost the ones I printed in January.  BABY STEPS.
8.  Track Spending: FAILED IT BIGLY.
9.  Post on Insta and 1SE:  Nailed it.  But!  I am so dumb that I had to actually count backwards from my birthday on a physical calendar to make sure my countdown is right.
10:  Have a dinner party: Failed it!
11.  Let the kids entertain more at home: Nailed it!  Play dates!  After school friends! 
12.  Write poetry:  Nailed it!
13.  Volunteer for candidates:  Failed it!
14.  Clean the closet + maintain it: SO TOTALLY FAILED IT!
15.  Family movie night: Nailed it!  I seriously LOVE this tradition!
16.  Paint the downstairs and fix the bathroom:  FAILED IT.
17.  Harmonious mornings: NOT BAD.
18:  More date nights: Nailed it!  We went out for V-Day!!  And!  We had a lunch date at a hockey tourney.

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  1. If you have any desire to volunteer for one of the Dem candidates for Governor let me know and I can put you in touch with my sister who is the campaign manager. Sooo many candidates in WI this year on the Dem side - hopefully SOMEONE can take out Walker.