Thursday, March 22, 2018

Cooper, author and animal.

Cooper is literate.


I can't believe it either.

I remember learning to read in kindergarten.  We had books about a mouse name sam (THESE BOOKS OH MY GOD I REMEMBER THE COLOR), and one day I couldn't read them and one day, I knew what the jumble of letters on the page meant and that was it.  There was no looking back.  In less that a year, I was reading Beverly Cleary books out loud to fourth graders while their teacher marked up spelling tests (because everybody loves THAT first grader-- thanks, Mrs. Meyers).

As a parent, though, I have not been privy to that gestalt moment for any of the kids.  Their ability to read has emerged more slowly-- although maybe it feels like a lightening bolt to them.

Anyway, the point is, COOPER CAN READ ACTUAL THINGS.  And he writes, too.  In him, I see me as a little kid, ad I am glad that one of the kids loved reading and writing as much as I do (and Dorothy is right behind him-- there's still hope for her).

 Seriously, all the kid does is staple printer paper together and make comic books.  His hands are covered in marker by the end of the day, his arms, too.  And then he reads his books aloud-- he has a real ear for dialog, which is uncanny since I don't think he's ever heard real ninjas talk.

Basically, what I am saying is this is a wonderful phase and I hope it never ends.

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  1. I remember those readers too! There was one with a lion sitting on a throne. What I remember most though, is that I wanted to learn to read more than anything! My teacher worked with kids in alphabetical order so your readiness to read was determined by your last name, which for me meant I spent most of my year with letter people when all I wanted to do was take the books home! Mind you, this wasn't really reading instruction because you didn't read with the teacher, just took the book home to read with family. Thank goodness the world of education has evolved--not always great, but getting better all the time!