Saturday, March 31, 2018

March Gratitude

Getting to see the Florida grandparents in their natural habitat-- LOOK HOW TAN THEY ARE, YOU GUYS.

 Making sure we take the kids to the beach once or twice a year and prioritizing a family spring break every year.
 Home sweet home
 BUNNY BAIT.  Try it, and you, too, will be grateful/hate yourself.
 Kids who love the library as much as I do:

At the library, putting the library app on his iPad so he can request all of the Percy Jackson books from the comfort of his man cave.  And! He asked the children's librarian for help setting up his PIN all by himself, which is the best library skill a kid can learn-- how to ask for help!

 The ability to bleach my teeth transparent.
March.  A lot to love.

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