Friday, June 23, 2017

Summer daze

It should surprise absolutely no one that Dorothy is wearing her recital costume basically every damn day.
 Harry is seriously the best kid in the word.  He bought all of his siblings gifts with his birthday money just because they asked for something when they were shopping with him.  What a sweetheart.  He also bought a left-handed hockey stick and luckily discovered it in the parking lot because oops.
 Cooper opened the fridge, and a container of salsa flew out and shattered and went everywhere, including the ceiling.  Which of course the kids thought was HILARIOUS. And then as soon as I had returned the laundered kitchen rug to its spot in front of the fridge, I opened it up and onion dip flung itself out and splattered, not quite as dramatically.  This is because our fridges and freezers and cabinets are BURSTING with food because we shopped at ALDI this week and spent $150 less than usual on ALL OF THE THINGS.  I will probably not have to go back there for at least 10 days except for some fruit and some more Rosé.  It's insane, and if you are NOT shopping at ALDI, I want to know (like Sally Field in Steel Magnolias) Whyyyyyyyyyy?  Seriously, it's worth it just for the grapefruit sparkling water.  I am not even going to mention the 1.69 ORGANIC grapes or the $6 ORGANIC beef or even the $.44 LOCAL EGGS.

Anyway-- salsa on the ceiling-- that's what Ben's cleaning.
 Sweet Bea.
 OMFG the WRAPPERS.  They are everywhere.  And so are the dishes.  This haul come from downstairs AFTER I asked everyone if they had cleaned up all of their wrappers.  And the Kit Kat wrapper jammed in the water bottle?  Doubly annoying because SOMEONE  **cough cough Cooper cough cough** ATE ALL OF THE KIT KATS from the huge Costco-box of Kit Kats I was keeping in the freezer to take to the pool, so I don't have to pay $2/Kit Kat at the snack shack.
 Movie night!  We watched Speed.  I think they liked it, but it;s hard to tell because I fell asleep.
 Oh, Cooper.
 Harry can back flip!
 Cooper made a towel fort with space for his shoes, hat, and fidget cube.

 We went to an amazing farm that is the home of a ridiculously delicious local bakery that makes gourmet pizzas and serves cookies and wine and hippy soda and ice cream.  Basically heaven.
 Wine in the grass on a quilt.  Perfect hispter wannabe summer.

 Raspberry mint ice cream that tasted like weed.
 Hipsters/hippies/posers like us.
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  1. That park/farm/restaurant sounds amazing. I kind of want to drive all the way up there again and check it out.

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