Tuesday, June 06, 2017

I don't mean to brag, but we have been KILLING it basically every weekend. It's like we are winning so much we're almost tired of winning.

Jack is never too cool for Steak and Shake, and I think that makes him really cool.

Look at these smiles-- two fat middle aged people so excited for steak burgers.
Also not too cool for Steak and Shake and still has that cardboard car like 4 days later.
Not too cool
Sort of too cool.
We were in Pekin to go to a wedding-- a PERFECT and WONDERFUL wedding it turned out.  We met a friend for drinks first, and this was called a Hawaiian Punch and it tasted JUST LIKE a Hawaiian Punch from my childhood, only it had like 6 vodkas in it.
We looked totally great, but you'd never know it because this was the only goddamned picture we took.
 Table number 8 KILLED IT, obvs.  (Also there was an open bar).

 Me, waiting forever for the taxi.
We came home really early because we recognized how inappropriately drunk we were and drank more champagne with my parents.  Then Ben went outside to wait for the pizza (which, I think, saved me from puking) and "took a nap" in the front yard.  The wedding was beautiful, though, that I woke him up instead of just leaving him there because I love love.

The next morning, we went to the cutest little farm park that my dad always wants to go to and we pretty much never do:

Dorothy got off this rooster saying, "I HATE that chicken," which was pretty funny.
On our way out of town we hit up my very favorite ice cream place in the universe because I like eating raw cookie dough in a huge cup of soft serve more than I like NOT having thigh arms.

And then!  Yesterday!  The babies and I celebrated their end of the school year with a trip to the zoo.

As a grand finale of awesomeness, Dorothy picked out bedding for the top bunk and declared Cooper's room officially Cooper and Dorothy's room.  We were bed shopping, but her major criteria was that Cooper could fit in the bed, too, and we realized screw it-- she should just stay on the top bunk.
She loves her picks.

Random order, but a super cute pic of my dad and the kids feeding the ducks:

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  1. My favorite moment of the weekend: when Cooper looked at my bracelet that's made of recycled pop tops and said, "That's garbage," in a shocked voice.