Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Penultimate day of school

Oh, you guys.  It's the boys' penultimate day of school.  I don't know if I am ready.  It has been really nice and easy and laid back to have Dorothy and Cooper home, and we spent a downright idyllic hour at the pool yesterday.  But the thought of all of them home all day at loose ends is a bit daunting to say the least.

We have swimming and diving lessons to keep us busy in the morning.  Harry will have Little League for a couple more weeks, and he has hockey practice once a week.  Jack is playing rec baseball through July, and Dorothy and Cooper have tee-ball during that same season.  And that's it.  An empty calendar until the last week of August/September  when we all start school. (Actually, the kids don't start until 9/5, and my first lecture isn't until 9/7, and discovering that I can go to Coop's first day of kindergarten drop off AND follow Harry to junior high and take sneak pics makes me SO HAPPY).

This week, I have started to slide back into regular work hours, but I have been filling them with totally enjoyable things like, um, blogging and writing my book.  And also this project I am doing for my boss at work and the online class I adjunct.  But next week, my real online summer class begins, and I really have to turn my focus back to creating a huge lecture class for spring, too.  Plus there's getting ready for my fall staff meetings in August, putting the finishing touches on my fall lecture class that's brand new to me, and hiring people to teach my big class, which is an ongoing project from May-July with frantic changes in August.  GAH.  So, I am off in the summer in the sense that I don't get paid for a month, but there's PLENTY OF WORK TO DO.  Still, I remind myself everyday that I am so lucky that my work never feels like work.  Emptying the dishwasher four fucking times  a day?  THAT FEELS LIKE WORK.

Also?  This NOT DAY DRINKING thing is seriously messing with my social life.  Like yesterday, I went out for lunch to celebrate 2 friends' birthdays, and I was the only one not drinking, and I felt like a drain on everyone's fun.  Not like in an after-school-special-peer-pressure way or anything.  But I knew Ben was going to be gone most of the night taking Jack to baseball and I would be at the pool with the little kids, so I couldn't ry the amazing cocktails at the fabulous restaurant we went to or go to stop #2 or the lovely dinner that ended up flowing out of the day.  I was just the stick-in-the-mud friend.  Bah.

But, it's my, like, ONE summer health resolution, and I would like to no longer have thigh arms, so I am sticking with it, damn it.

Oh!  I bought some coconut popsicles for myself and told the kids they couldn't have them because they take like 3 licks and throw them away and Dorothy CRIED.  I felt so bad, I made her a pre-pool ice cream.  And I still didn't share my popsicles because I have no feelings.
 Can you believe this goof is graduating from elementary school?  Yeah, me either.

He has taken these same kind of cupcakes for his birthday treat every year since kindergarten, and he wanted them again for the LAST TIME.  Sob.

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