Thursday, June 22, 2017

Baseball fashionista and remember our podcast?

That's Dorothy ready for baseball.  She told me that she needs a "pinano" to take lessons.  And she wants a big "pinano," not a little one like she has in her room, BTW.  So, I have obviously been trolling Craigslist.

Little League season is coming to an end.  It's all over but the playoffs, which is super exciting.  Harry has had a pretty good season, and Ben has had a wonderful time coaching.  I think baseball coaching is his jam, actually.

So.  Many.  Toys.  I don;t even want to clean her room up anymore because she's just going to be pulling more stuff out.  Speaking of trolling Craigslist.  I am in the market for a day bed with a trundle for this room...
Poty!  We're still at it.  Expect another episode tonight-ish.

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