Friday, June 09, 2017

Fifth grade graduation code red lock down

The kids' school was on lockdown for a couple of hours on the last day of school.  Like, CODE RED, hide in silence, for real LOCK DOWN.  It was horrifying.

I was at the park down the street with Dorothy and Cooper and one of Dorothy's preschool friends and little brother and mom and we kept remarking on how strange it was that we were the only ones outside on such a lovely day.  We saw a police SUV with lights but no sirens, a fire truck, an ambulance, and some more police cars, but when they didn't do to the school, I wasn't that worried, figuring something was happening in the golf course neighborhood next to us because we could see parked police cars and officers on foot from our park picnic.

Then I started getting texts.

A friend of mine was at school getting the fifth grade slide show ready for graduation when the lockdown happened, and she texted a bunch of us to let us know what was going on.  And then our busy body husbands went over to school to check things out which is exactly what you should not do during a lock down and is the reason why the school only notifies parents when these things are over because OMFG.

Ben had just been at school and missed getting locked in by literal minutes.  And we didn't know it at the time, but Harry cried and cried during the lock down because he was afraid something had happened to his dad outside school because OF COURSE all of the kids figured the worst was happening.

It turns out a man was suicidal and possibly armed--although he was only found with bleach-- walking through the neighborhood surrounding school.  Apparently, the golf course neighborhood got a reverse 9-11 call telling them to stay indoors, but our neighborhood did not.  That would have been good information to have before I WALKED TO A FREAKING PARK.

Ben picked us up mid-walk home, and the playdate ended on a truly weird note.

The golf course was evacuated (and those guys regularly play through lightening), and the pool was closed down.  It was nuts.

Thankfully, everyone was OK and I got a great idea for a new book character and was really jealous of my locked-in friend because the whole time I just wanted to run to school and get my kids and I swear I will always send them off to school in a calm, loving, mindful way because holy shit that was scary (and it was all kind of an overreaction.  thank god).

And the fifth grade graduation went off without a hitch.

But wait!

Let's go back to Wednesday, a more innocent time, when I went with the third grade to campus to tour the football stadium and have ice cream.

 And then, of course, Thursday morning brought with the the traditional last day of school pictures.

 The above might look familiar because it looks almost exactly loke his FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL kindergarten pic:
Don't worry.  When Harry is an 8th grader, Jack will be a 6th grader, and they will be together again.
 Dorothy's playdate: lots o'dancing.
 SO CUTE walking to the park.  Through the eerily deserted streets.
 I love this bass situation, but next year, he is switching to the trumpet.  Or some kind of horn.  He doesn't care.
 You can always tell how well things are going with my tiny audience members by the size of the vein on my forehead.
 He's just so BIG, you guys. (Not really-- he is nearly the shortest kid).
 He and a friend gave one of 3 graduation speeches-- it was adorable.
 THIS GIRL.  She found her favorite hockey friend and sat with the big kids.
 Getting his diploma

 They were really just in it for the cake.

 He loved this, obvs.  (He was a really good sport).

 The teachers always send the kids off on the last day with music and bubbles, which is right up Dorothy's ally.
 Cooper could not wait to get his paws on Jack, who is his to torture for the WHOLE SUMMER
 The pool reopened when the threat was over, and we wasted no time.
 She did the slide at least 15 times in a row.
 Then we all went to watch Jack's baseball practice.
 And we kicked off summer break with Billy Madison, which got mixed reviews.
 So proud that my 4 year-old knows exactly what colors to use on Lisa Simpson.
 A simple list of summer goals:
 And then!  We did NOTHING today but swim and sign up for the summer reading program at the library.
 Kids 11-18 do the TEEN program, which he thought was amazing.
 Cooper fell after this jump onto the statue behind him and got hurt. (not pictured)
 Beatrix also had a busy day.
 Dorothy is proud to report that she can cut with a "knive."
 Ballet bun practice because tomorrow?  We are downtown ALL DAY for a dance dress rehearsal.
Don't worry, I'll report back.

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  1. Anonymous10:31 PM

    I snort-laughed at your last summer resolution! So embarrassing when the windows are open and I lose it.

  2. We went on lockdown at PCHS when Ethan was little and in the childcare class in the tech center. I was a mess because all I could think about was my little three year old hiding in his classroom!