Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Stuff and nonsense

I LOVE that Harry got a bunch of birthday money, but it's kind of difficult to take him to spend it.
If I take the other kids with me, I end up with a pack of screaming kids OR I have to buy stuff for them.  Harry shared some of his Target cash with his sibs, which was totally, nice, but now they expect something every time.  Bah.

I LOVE the jaunty way Jack has flung his towel around his neck in this pic.  So cute.
Look at the little dorklings dressed alike :)
Ben caught a wasp with a glass so neatly.
I don't know why I am making this face, but I like it.
Jack is the CUTEST. (It's in a bag because it's a library book, and he doesn't want to get it wet).

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