Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sunday fun day!

I decided to do this thing this weekend where I didn't freak out about cleaning the house (because we cleaned a little everyday and I bleached the shit out of all the bathrooms at like 8 am), and we took the kids to family float day at the pool.

I also broke my no day drinking resolution and had a really big mimosa, which made the pool even more fun.  And day drinking is OK on Sundays, right?  Right?  RIGHT?

Our deck is becoming my favorite place to be now that the trees are so big and shady.  This was a perfect way to start the day.
 Family float makes summer really feel like summer.  Dorothy woke up, put on the size 18 month bathing suit that she refuses to part with, and said, "When we get to the pool, I am going to start by taking a ride on the dolphin."
 Crazy pool day.
 Mid air!
 Soon after this picture, ww started doing races on the water slide with the dads.  I got second place with 9.2 seconds because I am aerodynamic like a fat little seal. Viva la family float day!
 Finally, a day warm enough to have fun in the water!

 Even though we reapplied sunscreen every hour, all of us got tan.  And Ben got burned. He used more sunscreen than anyone else, but he forgot his feet.
 Last soccer game!  It was 90!  The kids hated it!  But we gave everyone trophies because we are what's wrong with America!
 We took the kids to the golf course restaurant for dinner. Ben and Dorothy played mercy while they waited for the check.  She's super strong.  Also, taking the kids out to dinner is the pits.
 Oh, summer, We're so happy to see you!

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  1. I hate giving everyone trophies so much but Dorothy's reaction makes me feel it's totally ok (just like mimosas on Sunday). I also am jealous she can still wear her bathing suit from 2 years ago.