Thursday, June 15, 2017

Slipping into the summer routine

Pro:  Woke up early to work, just like I resolved to do
Con: Grabbed a handful of chocolate chips right out of the bag when I was pouring my coffee.  D'oh!

Harry tried to kill me at swim lessons by ripping out the giant baby tooth hanging by a bloody gummy thread right in front of me.  He didn't pull it all the way out, though, which was somehow worse, and the tooth continues to taunt us all.

 Dorothy was really wavering about swim lessons. We told her she didn't have to get in the water, but she really WANTED to; she was just nervous.  Thankfully, a sister of her dance class friend was in her class, and she magically got in without a second glance at me.  There was a sobbing boy in the wings whose mom was trying to thrust him into class, though, and if he comes in the water and cries, she'll probably lose her shit, so I am not counting my chickens just yet.
 It was SO HOT, and the pool doesn't open until 1, so when we finished swim lessons at 10:35, we headed straight to the splash park.  Luckily, Harry is not too cool for the splash park.
 Huge hit!  And killed a good hour by the time we drove there and back in all the road construction.
 Like every summer, I get a little freaked out about how the heck we are going to fill our days.  But!  No worries so far.  And we haven't even gone to story time yet!

Also, I bought SO MANY popsicles, and they are wonderful when anyone is feeling crabby.  Emotional eating FTW!
 Actually, on a better parent note, we have instituted 30 minutes of silent reading (or, for Dorothy and Cooper "reading") time after lunch so I can clean the kitchen in peace and quiet and everyone can make progress on their library reading chart (I read a few books to C and D when lunch is put away).  So far, not bad:

Notice that Cooper has a snack.  Immediately after leaving the lunch table.  BECAUSE THAT'S HOW HE ROLLS.

Also notice that they are all upstairs because I just don't quite trust Jack and Harry to stay focused on their books from the comfort of the family/toy room/their room.  Habits take like 66 days to stick, so as me how this one is going in early August.

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