Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I pink puffy heart this day

All it takes is one adorable class Valentines party for my faith in humanity to be restored.  It's really simple.  Take 22 kids and fill them up with sugar then make them play silly games, decorate treat bags, and pass out love notes to all their friends.  And everyone's happy.
 We did a bunch of minute to win it games-- they had to take hearts out of the bowl with chopsticks, suck them out with a straw, stack hearts into towers, and balance a cookie on their foreheads and get it into their mouths without using their hands.  All funny and adorable.

 Then they decorated cookies that I made.  Instant party success.
This is Jack's self portrait from the 100th day of school.  Pretty accurate:
Not only did I bake cookies, I also put little hearts on the kids' door with things we love about them

Because V-day is my FAVORITE.

Even my sweet college kids, who are juniors and seniors, remember the wonder of their elementary school Valentine parties.  I take a attendance by asking everyone a question that they have to rite the answer to because I have over 40 students, and it;s hard for me to see who's there at a glance.  Usually the question is germane to the subject material of the day, but today I asked them their favorite Valentine tradition, and over 30 of them write about grade school, decorating treat bags and boxes and passing out cards to their friends.  SO SWEET.

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  1. So sweet! My kids were super cute yesterday too. They get so into it!